Perfume Filling & Fragrance Filling Lines 2018-07-18T23:06:49+00:00

Coven Egidio is the leading Italian manufacturer of perfume filling and fragrance filling machines. Our filling equipment and complete perfume lines are projected to meet all kind of requirements from the small craftmanship production to a large scale industrial production.

Perfume Filling

Perfume Filling

They are suitable for a vast range of applications :
Perfume filling (bottles or samples), liquid Cosmetics and other liquid substances for laboratories.

The Filling machines can be divided into three categories based on their operation:
manual filling tools and equipment, pneumatic filling machines and automatic filling lines.

A 35 years of experience allows Coven Egidio to create high quality, user-friendly flagrance filling machines. We guarantee post-sales assistance and a flexible and effective technical service to our customers.